Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FOTD: Purple Haze


Hey loves! So today's look features a beautiful purple from the plum loose eyeshadow ornament from the MAC Holiday collection. All of these are sooooo pretty and highly pigmented (and such a steal for the price!). This is a quick (like seriously FAST) look that's great for a pop of color during the holiday season...

Eyes => Carbon, plum pigment (MAC Holiday) and MSF in Dark as highlight. Engraved e/l in waterline. See. That simple. lol I later added Filament e/s as a highlight so that's an option if you prefer a little more holiday sparkle :)

Face => Peachykeen blush, Blunt for contour. I also later added Honor blush as a highlight, also for a little more shimmer!

Lips=> Fresh brew l/s, Instant gold l/g

I took out my weave to give my hair a break and I get more in love with natural hair every time! The biggest problem is that even with all the vids/resources available I still find that I truly have NO idea of what to do with it. But I guess that'll come in time when I spend more time out of weaves and figure out what works for me. I laughed so hard because a lady actually asked me which ponytail piece I had in my hair because it looked so "real" :) Well maam that's because it is! Lol all's well over here. I'm seriously slacking on Christmas shopping so I have to get around to it soooon! The only thing I reaaaaaally want is a train case or zuca for makeup and Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy and Gucci Guilty fragrances! (I'll probably treat myself) What's on your list this year?


Friday, December 2, 2011

FOTD: Color Smash


Helloooooo! While I understand I've been extremely neglectful I've been extremely busy. Life's real hectic trying to finish the school year strong and work! The crazy thing is that I have so much stuff to post but haven't had a chance. Forgive me! So since I feel terrible I wanted to stop by and post a look. This look is just a bunch of colors thrown together and then accented with a bright lip! Here it is...

Also, I never posted which company I was so excited to be working for (although I've made it obvious in the above photo) if you guessed...

You're 100% correct! And I loveeeee it! Yesterday was World Aids Day so if you get a chance support (and add to your makeup collection) by purchasing a Viva Glam lipstick/lipglass! My mom surprised me with the Viva Glam bear collectible ornament and its too cute!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nailsss: Pink, Black and Glitter Mix!

Heyyy :) So I had decided to repaint my nails and I wanted to try something a little different that was also fun. I don't usually wear designs on every finger but I have to say I really like the change because it really does symbolize nail ART! For these nails I used a hot pink, black, and silver glitter nail polishes (all from my mother's collection) along with Seche Vite as a topcoat. Here's the look...

I did each nail on the whim and overall I like it and I think I'll continue to experiment with my nails.

My faveeeee is the leopard print pinky (of course! Lol) But really these are eye catching colors in general. I like gaudy things so I'm not surprised that I have been reeled into these nails. I love feeling different and knowing that no one has the EXACT same anything as you. I know where I live actual nail art is becoming increasingly popular. S/N: Does anybody watch BBWLA?! I was just catching up on some episodes I missed and Jackie is soooo funny/crazyyyy Lol OMGGG. I just had to add that yall. But back to topic, how do you loves wear your nails? All solids or mix it up? I wanna know! :)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FOTD: Monday Night Football


So, if you know I am a crazed die-hard Eagles fan. This week I was lucky enough to be in attendance at Monday night's football game. So if you saw it, you know we lost. *tears* But I had a blast at the game and of course yall know my makeup had to be celebratory!!! Here's the look...

For this look I used the same green from the first Eagles look from my 120 palette, and Hocus Pocus e/s from MAC. This picture doesn't really show it, but I used 3 glitta liners on this eye. A forest green one on my upper lashline, silver on my lower eyeline (towards the front) and a apple green one towards the end of the lower lashline. This gave it an amazing dimensional glitta thang in person! The eyes could've been neater but I overslept and was in a rush to get dressed. I used Brave New Bronze l/s, Cork l/l and Instant Gold l/g on my lips, and La Femme Blush in Redwood.

Soooooo even though my boys lost I know we'll be back! And can yall see how OBSESSED I am with these glitter liners?!!! No such thing as too much glitter! (Unless its "Kesha style") LOL. Also, I got a chance to see Puss in Boots 3D and I lovedddddddd it!!! :) In case you noticed I am also wearing new hair. It's some Virgin Brazilian natural wavy that I ordered from a Chinese vendor. I'll do a post on it once I wear it for a while but right now its loveee! How was your weekend?


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!! Costume + FOTD


I go out to costume party every year. It's always really a bunch of fun and a really chill time. This year I was a pirate! I hadn't been out in a while so it was nice to hang with the girls and let a little loose. The makeup...

Eyes => MAC Blacktrack fluidline, Carbon Eyeshadow, Inglot #366 matte, Inglot #350 matte, MAC 3D gold glitter, Duo lash to adhere
Face => MAC Studio tech foundation, Dark MSF, La Femme Red Blush
Lips => MAC Vino l/l, Russian Red l/s

S/N: How awesome is the bling eye patch!!! Lol I had to have it!

I loveeeee halloween! We saw some of the funniest/cutest costumes while out! Did you loves get dressed/plan to dress up for halloween?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Half Wiggin' It: Outre Amber


So I ordered some new hair and I absolutely could not standdddd to keep my previous hair in so I needed something quick and cheap to hold me over. I had brought this wig before my install so it was perfect. I believe I paid 24.99 for it at my local beauty supply.

I don't usually wear my curly weaves long but she is gorgeous!!! I did chop about an inch or two off of the ends but the length still doesn't bother me. This has such a pretty curl pattern and I like curly weaves (synthethic) because they tend to have a longer life span than straight ones. It's easy to maintain with water and I use my Remington curling wand to curl my leave out. The wig is synthetic so it will burn baby, burn! Lol All in all this is a nice buy and I'll definitely be buying her in the future. S/N: I am totally on my "vamp" lips for fall! I've been wearing dark lips almost everyday! Lovessss them! What do you loves think?


Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOTD: Heavy liner, Bold Lips


So today's fotd is brought to you with NEWS! YES! Exciting. It's very simple, minimal makeup but still makes a statement with the heavy liner and lips. The look...

S/N: Aren't these earrings lovely?! I purchased several "Basketball Wives" earrings and these are my absolute favorite! And oh how they shineeee :)

I used WnW H2o liquid liner in Ultra Black to achieve the winged eye and I;m wearing #3 lashes...MAC Nightmoth l/l, Violetta l/s and Fab Frenzy superglass for the lip =)

So where'd I actually go in this look? I went to fill out my new hire paperwork for.... can you guess where?! (sssshhhh..I still don't want to jinx it! lol) I'm very much excited as I'd been attempting to get in with this company for a while and after so many interviews you begin to wonder if it's every really going to happen...and it did FINALLY! I have a few other BIG things coming up that I'm excited for. I also have some makeup posts that I was saving for this moment and they feature an interesting spin on interview appropriate makeup so stay tuned for that =) Also, I finally picked up a halloween costume (sexy in fashion, of course lol) and I'm thinking of some makeup ideas to later do a post and COTD (Costume of the Day lol!) . Are you loves getting dressed up and if so, what as?