Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shoe of the Day: Leopard Steve Madden Wedges

I have to say these are one of my favorite pair of wedges probably ever! I went shopping with my mom and she was looking at me as if I was crazy like girl you gon walk around all day in DEM? Lol, YES! They are soooo comfortable and I wore them all day with no type of troubles or bothers. Yeah, I'm that girl who buys pretty much anything with leopard print on it so of course last summer when I saw these I almost died, they were must haves for my closet! The fit around the straps itself is a little loose but its easy to get adjusted to. Sometimes its nice to know you can be comfortable AND stylish! Have you loves come by any great shoe deals lately? Always on the hunt for my stash! Lol



  1. Those are sooo cute! But they would be cuter if the wedge part was black!

  2. Hmm...I actually really like the contrast of the wooden heel. Thanks for commenting! :)


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