Sunday, August 28, 2011

Make It Rain FOTD!

After the hurricane passed and it finally seemed safe to leave out I was inspired to wear some blues. Mostly the sky was angry gray tho :( For this look I used my neutral Inglot palette and Wet n Wild's Greed palette (love!) It was so weird having hurricane warnings around here as I'm really not used to it and luckily it did not hit as hard as expected and all the people I know in and around the area were safe. Now, onto the makeup...

It took great restraint for me not to put on lashes with this look but I found my favorite mascara and was pleasantly pleased :)

Face => MAC Studio Tech foundation in NW45,  Brow pencil in Stud, Studio Sculpt and Studio Finish concealers in NW45, Golden Lariat MSF (LE) : Brown part to set foundation and shimmery for highlight, La Femme blush in Sienna, Blunt blush for contour
Eyes => Inglot #348 with the shimmer gray from greed palette on top, Inglot #372 above crease and inner corner on lower lash line, Inglot #428 in crease and outer lower lashline, highlight is neutral color from greed palette, white kohl on waterline,  Pulse Perfection mascara
Lips => Cork l/l, Gaga 2 lipstick, Instant gold lustreglass

Every time I do a fotd is irks me that I don't have a better camera to take these photos!! It makes it hard for me to update because I hate taking camera phone photos! Grrrr. That is highly up on my to do list. Do you loves have any (affordable) cameras that you recommend for a beauty blogger? Oh, and I got a chance to try out my 226 brush and its love! I know its different from the original but it works so great for blending and placing color in my tiny lil ol eye space. Anywhos, I hope everyone is safe and sound and those of yall with that good good weather had a great weekend! School starts tomorrow and I can't believe summer is over! Wow! :( Lol


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Small MAC Haulage & MAC Me Over Impressions


So I went downtown yesterday to hit the MAC store and I ended up grabbing a few things. I mean, all I went in there for was this holy grail smack ya momma 226 brush and I came out with a lot more. Here's what I got and keep reading for my initial impressions...

What did I grab?

Studio Tech foundation in NW45 => Now, I mentioned that I switched up foundations in my last post but I recently returned that studio tech (which was a nw47) for nw45 because I felt like it was just slightly too dark. One of those things that nobody notices but you and you don't feel right until you fix it! Lol, this color matches perfect so hopefully its a keeper!

Studio Sculpt concealer in NW45 => I had previously been using MAC's Studio finish concealer (also in nw45) which I ended up disliking after a while but I forced myself to use because I'm cheap. I finally hit pan and I thought it was about time I stopped torturing myself so I picked this one up. Although its the same color the sculpt is lighter than the finish and does not give off that yellow-y cast that I felt the finish did for my skin. I had the MA apply it in store and it looked lovely!

Instant Gold Lustreglass => If I pick up any MAC shades, I typically will only buy very pigmented original shades that I feel can't be/I wouldn't want to try to dupe but when it comes to gloss I focus on ones that can be worn over multiple colors. And I think I have found my HG. No swatches could do this lustreglass any justice I mean it gives you so much shine on its own and is also extremely flattering for nudes and other colors from a layering standpoint. Plus it has gold specks, my fave!

Eyebrow pencil in Stud => This is one of my must have things as I generally hate to leave the house without my eyebrows being done. I used to use Spiked but Stud is slightly darker and I feel that it allows my brows to look more defined with less strokes. They're kinda pricey but I recommend these pencils to anyone because they're long-lasting in terms of application and usage. I mentioned that I bought one maybe a month ago but that one went "missing" a few days ago so I had to get a new one, that's how much of a must have it is for me!

Runaway Red lipstick => I told myself I would NOT dare try on another red due to the large number I have in my collection now but I couldn't resist. I tried it on and it just looks PERFECT. Really. The main thing that attracted me to this color was that although its red, its very low key compared to my other reds which are really bold. This is a nice Toni Childs (for all my Girlfriend watchers out there) red and is perfect for a bold fall lip that looks effortless without trying.

226 Brush => Okay, so I fell into the hype. I mean, any person with a small eyelid space such as mine could see the benefit of having a mini 224. After buying, I saw that a lot of people were complaining about how this re-release is not as tapered as the original ones. I went through all the ones in my store and NONE of them were tapered, they all looked like the pic below which is cool with me. I'm pretty sure with the long term use of a brush guard one could get more of a "pointy" shape out of this brush.

Overall, I was slightly disappointed with the MAC Me over collection. There's so much chaos behind the brush not looking like the original that I even contemplated returning it, but I realized that for me it still serves its purpose of being a small blending brush. Out of the lipsticks that I swatched, Runaway Red was the only one that I felt like was a must-have because I think it'll look great on almost any skin tone and will satisfy both who love bright as well as muted colors. Also when I swatched Smoked Purple looked extremely similar to Cyber and Peachstock to Lady Gaga 2... I found the lipglasses to be even more stickier than usual and the only one I was interested in purchasing (Social light) when put on my lips really didn't look like much at all. The eyeshadows I really liked but didn't purchase any (no particular reason why) with my favorite being 'Outre'. Did you guys pick anything up from the collection? What are your thoughts?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Go Girl, It's ya Birrrrrrrfday" FOTD!


So I although I am finally getting around to posting this during Virgo season I need to make it highly known that I reps for Team Leo!!! The best of the zodiac! RAWWWWR! Lol! I had a low key birthday this year, I went out to dinner with a few friends and had cake and drinks later at my place. The only thing that was so bummy was all the damn rain, which irked me because black people act like they MELT in rain and will not move for noooobody! lol All in all I had a good time and I'm hoping this new year brings new opportunities and interesting happenings into my life! Now onto the photos...

Anddddd, why yes, I have new hurrrr! 

Unfortunately, my camera is still crappy so it didn't catch the true purple of this lip but this is the best photo that's close to color! It was purple purple, not burgundy :)

Face => Studio Tech foundation in NW47 (New item, review soon!) La femme blush in Sienna and grape (mixed), MAC Fix+
Brows => Couldn't find my brow pencil in stud so my brows are slightly darker than usual because I had to use some old black brow pencil I had lyin round :/
Eyes => (Eyeshadows are all from Inglot palette) Green on lid, brown in crease with orange right above and light tan for highlight, MAC Blacktrack fluidline. The tiny shiny particles are MAC's Reflect Gold glitter which I patted over the outer corner (Yall know I HAD to have my glitta!!!) andddd My dolla holla green glitta liner is whats on my lower lashline, MAC #3 Lashes
Lips => MAC Nightmoth l/l, All of My Purple Life lipglass (LE)

I was so in love with my dress that I wore to dinner and I wish I had pics but I don't! As I am a shoewhore I do, however, have a photo of the shoes I wore with my dress. 

They are the Jessica Simpson Dany's (which are also a true purple purple) and are probably in my top 5 of favorite shoes! I always feel so 70's in them and they're COMFORTABLE! Nothing much of else going on with me besides that! Hope everyone had a great week!


Friday, August 19, 2011

14-Month Natural Hair Comparison/Update

Hey lovessss!

So, I've been MIA but for good reason! I've been sick for what felt like forever. This summer has been a terrible one for me health-wise and it made it extremely difficult for me to even enjoy most of it. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm trying to make the best out of the little time I have left before school begins again :) Sooooo, I'm finally blogging (yayyy!) and I'm doing a natural hair post this time. The last thing I believe I blogged about was the Choco-Indi Remi hair I had in which I took out after 2 months and will be doing a review on VERRRY soon! As I said before, BOTH my cell phone and regular cameras were broke, but I finally got my cell phone one to work well enough to snap a few photos for yall. I even tracked down a big chop photo that I've been promising to post since forever. (I know madness! lol) Well, here it goes...

So some of these are candid lol, but hey it's better than nothing... :)

Some of my puff progress. And drumroll please...

So yeah, it's crazy how fast time flew. One minute I'm bald and the next... haha! I never took myself for the big chop type of girl but all in all I love my natural hair and I wouldn't change a thing about deciding to end my sad love affair with relaxers. I look forward to the continuing growth and health of my hair. I don't have any specific goals, I just want a shitload of hair! Lol. Sorry it took so long for this post and I'll be getting some more up soon!