Sunday, May 29, 2011

Springin' It

YAAAAAAAAAASS it's finally warmmmmm! And nobody can be more excited than me! I LURVE warm/hot weather so all this cold and rain was killing me. So of course on the first really nice day I kicked out the wedges, florals and color The following look is an ode to all things warm :)

Super simple look! I used a green eyeshadow, black kohl, MAC's Vegas Volt lipstick, Fulfilled pushglass and La Femme blush in Coral spice. Isn't Vegas Volt bew-ti-ful?!!! It made me want to buy like umpteen backups OMGGGG! Also, I love looks like this because they don't look overdone, can last well in the heat and are very fresh faced and spring forward!

Overall, I've been keeping myself busy. Just trying to make moves. Been slightly lazy with my hair (wearing it in protective bun). I've also been going out to eat quite a lot (one of my favorite pastimes lol) This week since it was so nice, a friend and I went to eat at City Tap House since they have an outside roof deck to eat on. It was great. We went for lunch so the menu was slightly limited but the burger I had was great and I nearly inhaled the fries! Yum!

I was in New York for the week previous and I meant to do a post on all the great places I ate when I was there.... perhaps it'll happen eventually hehe. How do you make your shift to warmer weather?



  1. Yeah, you put fries in front of me, they will be gone in about 3 mins...& can we just talk about how effin' beautiful you look! OMG! The hair, the make, the floral top, (top or dress?) just perfect!!! Vegas Volt looks stunning on you...I am still kinda getting use to it.
    & I am sorry about the Hibiscus l/s...However, I do think its alot alike Vegas Volt. When I swatched them, they looked very alike.

    xo $ARMIN

  2. What a great post, I have never really seen the green undereye and this is SO unique and looks really pretty on you. ALSO, I love warm weather I'm hoping it finally gets warmer here. hehe. That burger looks so good. Hope you had fun in NYC. Following you now
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  3. @Barbie Thanks love!

    @Armin Yes! Vegas Volt was always sold out in my store but I chanced it and ordered it online and I loveeeeee it! I heard that Hibiscus is actually VERY close to Toxic Tale from the Venomous Villains collection so we'll see. I got an email saying its off backorder and shipped out today! Thanks again!

    @Dale Thanks for stopping by I will check out your blog as well :)

  4. Oh I love all of your makeup colors. I wear a lot of color but it never shows up in my pictures! What is this green called? I love that Vegas Volt!! WOW!! Kiah

  5. I gotta comment on this again...I love this look!
    Can I use one of your photos for my "Inspirational" post?

    xo $ARMIN

  6. Aweee thx! And absolutely! I feel so special that you want to use my photo. :))) Xo

  7. Tha Vegas Volt looks amazing on you, I just bought it and can I say ah-maaazing. It works great on darker skin tones. This and Up The Amp make me want to go bankrupt at M.A.C.


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