Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I stopped past my local Lush store earlier this week and got a few products. I had checked out some of the items I was considering online and I was particularly interested in their lip scrubs since I'm a habitual lipstick wearer and my lips tend to peel and that just ain't gonna work for me okay! I ended up getting the chocolate one but I believe it also came in bubblegum and some sort of mint flavor as well. Let me tell you, this stuff is AH-MAY-ZING! It's crystallized beads of sugar that you rub across your lips (I would recommend licking them and getting them a little moist first) and when you're done you can lick it off because its edible and it tastes delish, really! It leaves my lips so smooth, moisturized and soft! It's a must have if you're looking for lipstick ready or soft kissable lips! The little tube came with a $9.95 price tag but I'm sure its well worth it because you don't need much to scrub with at a time. Use this 1-2x a week and your lips will LOVE you for it, trust me! Have any of you tried the other flavors?


Monday, January 24, 2011


So, school started last week and I've neglected the blog a a little :-/ BUT on the brighter side of that I found an app for my phone that allows me to post straight from there which was pretty cool. I went to my local BSS for a few purchases and some lipsticks caught my eye. I have no preference to lippies and typically the cheaper the better for me. I've brought several $1 lipsticks before that I've actually LOVED. Yesterday, I brought about 7 of them and when I got home and tried them on I realized that a few were good MAC dupes. The downside to the cheap dupes is that there's only one finish and they wear off pretty easily. However, if you're simply looking for a color to try out before buying it at MAC for $13 more or you don't mind reapplication often these are definitely for you. I've also found the actual packaging of these lippies to be quite cheap but heyyyyy it's a dollar, what should I expect? I'm working on getting a new camera but for right now I have to deal with these cell phone camera pics! Enjoy!

MAC Cyber dupe ===> Nickia K. Amethyst #901

MAC Morange dupe ===> Nickia K. Apricot #106

MAC Rebel dupe ===> Nickia K. Black Orchid #302

If you're looking for a great cheap lipstick, these Nickia K's are probably the best I've ever used for only $1. Even though there isn't a long wear time, the pigmentation of them are great! Granted, some of them are hit or miss but I never feel upset because I didn't shell out much to begin with. What are your favorite cheap MAC dupes?


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink Friday Lipstick by MAC

Hellooooo =)

So, after trying for probably two consecutive weeks I finally was able to purchase the Pink Friday lipstick on the last Friday it was available. After initial reviews and swatches I was hesitant to purchase it because I've seen it look TERRIBLE on various skin tones, but I still decided to grab one up if not only to sell. I also have Pink Nouveau by MAC which is said to be a dupe for the Pink Friday lipstick. I feel that they look similar when in the tube, but when swatched they both give off a different version of pink, with Pink Friday being the softer of the two and Pink Nouveau is missing lavender undertones completely. When I first got the lipstick I wasn't toooo excited because I was surprised that it had so many lavender undertones for it to be "Barbie" inspired. IMO, if you're looking for the perfect Barbie pink lipstick it should be Pink Nouveau. So, I LOST the Pink Friday. Yes, LOST people. Lol, but it was found after a thorough clean sweep through my room and after all that I felt inspired enough to wear it. I would describe the color as a pretty soft pink with lavender undertones. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your lips are WELL moisturized before wearing this lippie, as it will show every crack and crevice that you have. So the verdict is thaaaat I LOVE the color! Really. It's pretty and it's definitely a color you'll have to learn how to work for you. I lightly used MAC lipliner in Cork to line my lips, then applied Pink Friday. I wore it without a gloss during the day, but in the photos, it was topped with Clear Lipgelee by MAC. I definitely prefer it with the gloss, but the weird thing was is that I took the lipstick off, then reapplied and it looked ashy and dry and didn't respond well to the gloss and started to feather, VERY quickly. I'm assuming this is the effect you get when the lips aren't well moisturized, but it still looked pretty great matte. For those who need to see the difference between Pink Friday and Pink Nouveau I've included hand swatches and picture comparisons.

The Bright Side
-Pretty color
-I believe it is unique enough to justify purchase
-Can be layered to achieve a subtle or brighter look
- WOC friendly
-Great everyday pink

The Dark Side
-Drying on the lips
-Takes a lot of moisturizing to get it to apply smooth
-Doesn't really apply with an even finish
-Must use Lipliner. Feathers easily

MAC Pink Friday vs. MAC Pink Nouveau

Pink Friday (NW47 skin)

Did you get a chance to grab one of these babies? What do you think about the overall hype of the lippie? Yay or Nay?


Monday, January 10, 2011


Just a quick post about my EXTREEEME excitement for MAC's Wonder Woman collection that is supposed to launch in February! I have to admit that I am more excited about the LE packaging than I am about the collection colors overall. I definitely would like to get my hand on that compact and perhaps one of the eye quads once I see them swatched. I am also a fan of the super ginormous lipglass and it seems to be a few shades brighter than Viva Glam Cyndi. As for the newly released collections, I'm still contemplating the Kissable lipcolors. For the spring, I think I'll definitely be passing up on the Jeanius collection. What do you think about the new and upcoming collections from MAC?


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cyber'd Out

So, I was recently on a discussion about MAC Cyber lipstick. I think so many people really would like to wear this lipstick but are unsure of how to make it work. Cyber is one of my favorite colors from MAC because I feel like its such a distinctive sexy color. My advice is that when you plan on wearing Cyber it's often best to wear minimal makeup on the rest of your face. Honestly, this is the type of color that is all about the LIPS. I generally pair Cyber with Nightmoth liner from MAC, and if I want a glossy instead of matte-ish finish I'll use a clear lipglass on top. The face I'll typically wear just eyeliner, mascara and a liiiiitle blush. Scroll down to check out the pic of me in Cyber (Wearing only MSF in Dark and La Femme blush in Grape on face). What's your favorite statement lipstick?


Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow, It's 2011!

It definitely seems like time has been passing by so quickly! I feel so old! Lol. For the first time since probably ever, I had a pretty great NYE. I went out with one of my girlfriends to a party and I had a pretty decent time  considering it really isn't my scene anymore! Of course I wore SEQUINS! so I wanted my makeup to be bright as well. I was going to do full out glitter lids but I kept my restraint! I typically don't do the "Resolution" thing but I made a promise to myself that this year I would.... DATE! haha I've been single for what seems like forever and it gets a little dry after a while. I actually gave my number out to a few guys for the first time in a year or so so we'll see how that goes 0_o
Have you made any resolutions? Comment and let me know!
Scroll down for pics and products!
Foundation =>MAC Studio Sculpt NW47 and Revlon PhotoReady in Cappuccino . 

Brows=> MAC eyebrow pencil in 'Spiked' and then defined with MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW45 

Eyes => UDPP and concealer as base. I used the 120 palette: The electric blue all over lid with a sky blue right in the center for definition. I took the sable brown for the crease and used the shimmery white for a highlight. The purple was from the same palette and I wet my brush a bit before application. I then used a silver glitter (because I needed SOME glitta! Lol) to the inner corners. Lined my upper lids with Wet&Wild H20 in black and I used a MAC Feline for the waterline. The lashes were some random BBS ones I had lying around.
Lips => Lined my lips with MAC lipliner in Chestnut, filled them with MAC Honeylove and then I used MAC Scottish Lilt Lipglass (LE Tartan Tale)

Face=> Set with MAC MSF in Dark and If yall must know I am blush CRAZY! I'm wearing Sienna by La Femme =)
Although I look it, I was NOT drunk in this pic! Lol. Sorry for the camera phone pics, I was caught up in the night. I ordered Cork liner and C-thru lipglass (because I hear its all the rave!) so I can't wait for that! Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I look forward to continuing posting regularly!