Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!! Costume + FOTD


I go out to costume party every year. It's always really a bunch of fun and a really chill time. This year I was a pirate! I hadn't been out in a while so it was nice to hang with the girls and let a little loose. The makeup...

Eyes => MAC Blacktrack fluidline, Carbon Eyeshadow, Inglot #366 matte, Inglot #350 matte, MAC 3D gold glitter, Duo lash to adhere
Face => MAC Studio tech foundation, Dark MSF, La Femme Red Blush
Lips => MAC Vino l/l, Russian Red l/s

S/N: How awesome is the bling eye patch!!! Lol I had to have it!

I loveeeee halloween! We saw some of the funniest/cutest costumes while out! Did you loves get dressed/plan to dress up for halloween?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Half Wiggin' It: Outre Amber


So I ordered some new hair and I absolutely could not standdddd to keep my previous hair in so I needed something quick and cheap to hold me over. I had brought this wig before my install so it was perfect. I believe I paid 24.99 for it at my local beauty supply.

I don't usually wear my curly weaves long but she is gorgeous!!! I did chop about an inch or two off of the ends but the length still doesn't bother me. This has such a pretty curl pattern and I like curly weaves (synthethic) because they tend to have a longer life span than straight ones. It's easy to maintain with water and I use my Remington curling wand to curl my leave out. The wig is synthetic so it will burn baby, burn! Lol All in all this is a nice buy and I'll definitely be buying her in the future. S/N: I am totally on my "vamp" lips for fall! I've been wearing dark lips almost everyday! Lovessss them! What do you loves think?


Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOTD: Heavy liner, Bold Lips


So today's fotd is brought to you with NEWS! YES! Exciting. It's very simple, minimal makeup but still makes a statement with the heavy liner and lips. The look...

S/N: Aren't these earrings lovely?! I purchased several "Basketball Wives" earrings and these are my absolute favorite! And oh how they shineeee :)

I used WnW H2o liquid liner in Ultra Black to achieve the winged eye and I;m wearing #3 lashes...MAC Nightmoth l/l, Violetta l/s and Fab Frenzy superglass for the lip =)

So where'd I actually go in this look? I went to fill out my new hire paperwork for.... can you guess where?! (sssshhhh..I still don't want to jinx it! lol) I'm very much excited as I'd been attempting to get in with this company for a while and after so many interviews you begin to wonder if it's every really going to happen...and it did FINALLY! I have a few other BIG things coming up that I'm excited for. I also have some makeup posts that I was saving for this moment and they feature an interesting spin on interview appropriate makeup so stay tuned for that =) Also, I finally picked up a halloween costume (sexy in fashion, of course lol) and I'm thinking of some makeup ideas to later do a post and COTD (Costume of the Day lol!) . Are you loves getting dressed up and if so, what as? 


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween 2011: Flower Child


So this is another halloween post. Once again, everything used was eyeshadows and they were all from the 120 palette. A black pencil liner was used to outline. This look is great for someone who wants to attempt to try their hand at a makeup face mask :)

Lol, you know this is throwback because I had blonde-y hair you guys! haha. I really think the red lip and lashes are what help sets this look off.  This look is great for a fun look for halloween and I personally think its also cute for a hippie/70's costume of some sort....Hope you loves enjoy! 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween 2011: Two Faced

So... I have some makeup looks that I previously did and also some that I plan on doing so I said I'd do a few halloween posts since I now have a blog. So that is the reasoning behind why there may be different hairstyles and whatnot going on lol This look in particular is for someone who's looking to do something that's scary, yet sexy. It'll be way too much for me to list products for these upcoming looks (sowwwwry) because they take so many but I can assure you that ALL products for this particular look consisted of eyeshadows and I also used a black gel liner. Here's the look...

"If you're going to be two faced at least make one of them pretty" - Marilyn Monroe

When I saw that MM quote it inspired this look. I don't typically post my more creative looks on here but halloween is the perfect time to do so so I hope you loves enjoy! This would be especially easy for a costume because since the face is already doing so much I would honestly just throw on a black catsuit/jumper and boots (or heels to seeex it up :) and you're good to go!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Lipstick Lovin' :: MAC Russian Red


Yall know I love a bold red lip, and for me it doesn't get much better than Russian Red for that category.

THE GOOD: Easy to apply, I've heard that other reds like Ruby Woo apply like crayons but this isn't the case here. A pro for me is that it's matte, as I'm not of fan of lustre looking red lipsticks. This doesn't feather and doesn't absolutely need a lipliner. The staying power on this is AH-MAY-ZING! I'm almost sure I wore it several times for 6+ hours without reapplying
or significant fading. And most important. It makes your teeth look WHITEEEEE. Like I mean, mine aren't yellow or anything but anyone should be able to appreciate an instant teeth brightener in a small tube, yes? :)

THE QUESTIONABLE: It's a matte. For some people that's a con because it's drying. But almost all mattes are drying, ok? Ok.

*Warning: Red lips may incite laughter, spontaneous webcam photoshoots and temporary (or permanent) Iamtheshitness syndrome* 

Rates? *drumrolls*

My favorite bright red! What's yours?