Saturday, July 2, 2011

FOTD with Jealously Wakes + New Hair

Hey loves! So I'm back with a new post. It's not my year natural because I've still been too lazy to compile the photos (soon! Lol) I heard that JW eyeshadow will be restocked soon so I wanted to put up a look to help people see he true color and whether its worth them tryna catch or not. As I stated before, I was disappointed in the color because I wanted it to be some beautiful green but it swatched heavily blue on me. I gave up trying to make it green and just went blue. See...

After wearing it, I must say that although it is still blue I quite enjoy the texture and shade. Would I still have bought it? Eh, probably not but only because I have a million blue shadows. This one is still quite original and at times look greeny and overall reminds me if a mermaid :) All in all I'd say if you're into blues pick this one up because its truly a gorgeous shade!

Face => Usual face routine, La Femme Blush in Terracotta
Eyes => MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow (LE Blogger's Obsession collection), Ingot Black and Brown, WnW H20 liquid eyeline in black, NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean
Lips => MAC l/l in Chestnut , Honeylove lipstick and Stealing Kisses lipglass (LE Tartan Tale collection)

As for the hair, I did a sew-in using ChocoIndi  Remy hair in 18 and 14 inch packs. I love the packaging of most remy hair, it's always so chic and cute (as it should be for the price! lol)

The hair is 100% virgin Indian hair and is also wet & wavy. I installed about a week ago and I wanted to show you guys but I'll keep off on commenting on the quality of the hair until I've worn it maybe another 2 weeks or so, so stay tuned for that post. I'm currently wearing it bone straight but I threw in some loose curls today to shake it up. Here's the hair...

In my previous sew-ins I typically use Bobbi Boss Indi Remi which I adore, but I'm always open to new brands. The 18 inch was $150/pack and the 14 was $130 (I think? Somewhere around there..) But there still are various places that give deals if you can find them. Definitely more posts to come on this hair and I'll answer any questions if you have them! In other news, I just got acrylic nails put on and my nails are soreeeee! I typically put a hot rag to ease some of the tenderness. Does this happen to anyone else who gets fake nails?



  1. Looks good regardless!


  2. You have been nominated for an award :) XOXO

  3. I love the hair and will definitely have to check it out! As far as your nails go it could be a few things. If you haven't had them in a while(or ever) the first few times may be a little sore or tight but after that if they're still sore let the nail tech know...they may be able to offer a better explanation. Check me out sometimes girlie...smooches


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