Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nailsss: Pink, Black and Glitter Mix!

Heyyy :) So I had decided to repaint my nails and I wanted to try something a little different that was also fun. I don't usually wear designs on every finger but I have to say I really like the change because it really does symbolize nail ART! For these nails I used a hot pink, black, and silver glitter nail polishes (all from my mother's collection) along with Seche Vite as a topcoat. Here's the look...

I did each nail on the whim and overall I like it and I think I'll continue to experiment with my nails.

My faveeeee is the leopard print pinky (of course! Lol) But really these are eye catching colors in general. I like gaudy things so I'm not surprised that I have been reeled into these nails. I love feeling different and knowing that no one has the EXACT same anything as you. I know where I live actual nail art is becoming increasingly popular. S/N: Does anybody watch BBWLA?! I was just catching up on some episodes I missed and Jackie is soooo funny/crazyyyy Lol OMGGG. I just had to add that yall. But back to topic, how do you loves wear your nails? All solids or mix it up? I wanna know! :)



  1. Hello!
    Um, so I wish I could do this. I can't even properly cut my own nails. TRUE! This is badass!
    I can't do any design. I just wear one color at a time, however now in days, one finger has glitter, ha that's my nail art.

    & BBWLA, OMG, they are insane! Jackie is crazy for reals! I didn't really like any of em, I need my Ev & Jenn, & Tami, OMG, love Tami!

    xo SARMIN

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  3. Very pretty! Love the leopard print one as well! And yes, it does rock to have them different colors! Sweet!

    I mix my nails up. I change them up at least once a week, however I tried to sponge my nails last night and it was an epic fail. O_o! Lol. So today I have one nail painted a light purple with gold glitter and the rest of the nails are a deep purple with flecks of color... (Yeah, you really wanted to know all of that!) Lol. Sorry, I type novels!

    And yes Jackie is crazy! I only like a few of them... Jackie is certifiably loony...

  4. @Sarmin I loveeee BBWLA for the simple fact that it is so ridiculous! And at least one glitter nail is a must!

    @lovelife I tried sponge nails and I failed too so don't feel bad! Lol you should do some nail postings on your blog I'd love to see! XO

  5. very creative girlie i like it


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