Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FOTD: Monday Night Football


So, if you know I am a crazed die-hard Eagles fan. This week I was lucky enough to be in attendance at Monday night's football game. So if you saw it, you know we lost. *tears* But I had a blast at the game and of course yall know my makeup had to be celebratory!!! Here's the look...

For this look I used the same green from the first Eagles look from my 120 palette, and Hocus Pocus e/s from MAC. This picture doesn't really show it, but I used 3 glitta liners on this eye. A forest green one on my upper lashline, silver on my lower eyeline (towards the front) and a apple green one towards the end of the lower lashline. This gave it an amazing dimensional glitta thang in person! The eyes could've been neater but I overslept and was in a rush to get dressed. I used Brave New Bronze l/s, Cork l/l and Instant Gold l/g on my lips, and La Femme Blush in Redwood.

Soooooo even though my boys lost I know we'll be back! And can yall see how OBSESSED I am with these glitter liners?!!! No such thing as too much glitter! (Unless its "Kesha style") LOL. Also, I got a chance to see Puss in Boots 3D and I lovedddddddd it!!! :) In case you noticed I am also wearing new hair. It's some Virgin Brazilian natural wavy that I ordered from a Chinese vendor. I'll do a post on it once I wear it for a while but right now its loveee! How was your weekend?


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