Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink Friday Lipstick by MAC

Hellooooo =)

So, after trying for probably two consecutive weeks I finally was able to purchase the Pink Friday lipstick on the last Friday it was available. After initial reviews and swatches I was hesitant to purchase it because I've seen it look TERRIBLE on various skin tones, but I still decided to grab one up if not only to sell. I also have Pink Nouveau by MAC which is said to be a dupe for the Pink Friday lipstick. I feel that they look similar when in the tube, but when swatched they both give off a different version of pink, with Pink Friday being the softer of the two and Pink Nouveau is missing lavender undertones completely. When I first got the lipstick I wasn't toooo excited because I was surprised that it had so many lavender undertones for it to be "Barbie" inspired. IMO, if you're looking for the perfect Barbie pink lipstick it should be Pink Nouveau. So, I LOST the Pink Friday. Yes, LOST people. Lol, but it was found after a thorough clean sweep through my room and after all that I felt inspired enough to wear it. I would describe the color as a pretty soft pink with lavender undertones. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your lips are WELL moisturized before wearing this lippie, as it will show every crack and crevice that you have. So the verdict is thaaaat I LOVE the color! Really. It's pretty and it's definitely a color you'll have to learn how to work for you. I lightly used MAC lipliner in Cork to line my lips, then applied Pink Friday. I wore it without a gloss during the day, but in the photos, it was topped with Clear Lipgelee by MAC. I definitely prefer it with the gloss, but the weird thing was is that I took the lipstick off, then reapplied and it looked ashy and dry and didn't respond well to the gloss and started to feather, VERY quickly. I'm assuming this is the effect you get when the lips aren't well moisturized, but it still looked pretty great matte. For those who need to see the difference between Pink Friday and Pink Nouveau I've included hand swatches and picture comparisons.

The Bright Side
-Pretty color
-I believe it is unique enough to justify purchase
-Can be layered to achieve a subtle or brighter look
- WOC friendly
-Great everyday pink

The Dark Side
-Drying on the lips
-Takes a lot of moisturizing to get it to apply smooth
-Doesn't really apply with an even finish
-Must use Lipliner. Feathers easily

MAC Pink Friday vs. MAC Pink Nouveau

Pink Friday (NW47 skin)

Did you get a chance to grab one of these babies? What do you think about the overall hype of the lippie? Yay or Nay?



  1. cute!! sigh i just know on my NC45 skin that would be way to light but on you its adorable!!


  2. You never know! I personally believe that most to any lipsticks can work with any skin tone with the right liner or gloss. Doesn't hurt to try it out! =)



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