Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cyber'd Out

So, I was recently on a discussion about MAC Cyber lipstick. I think so many people really would like to wear this lipstick but are unsure of how to make it work. Cyber is one of my favorite colors from MAC because I feel like its such a distinctive sexy color. My advice is that when you plan on wearing Cyber it's often best to wear minimal makeup on the rest of your face. Honestly, this is the type of color that is all about the LIPS. I generally pair Cyber with Nightmoth liner from MAC, and if I want a glossy instead of matte-ish finish I'll use a clear lipglass on top. The face I'll typically wear just eyeliner, mascara and a liiiiitle blush. Scroll down to check out the pic of me in Cyber (Wearing only MSF in Dark and La Femme blush in Grape on face). What's your favorite statement lipstick?


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