Monday, January 24, 2011


So, school started last week and I've neglected the blog a a little :-/ BUT on the brighter side of that I found an app for my phone that allows me to post straight from there which was pretty cool. I went to my local BSS for a few purchases and some lipsticks caught my eye. I have no preference to lippies and typically the cheaper the better for me. I've brought several $1 lipsticks before that I've actually LOVED. Yesterday, I brought about 7 of them and when I got home and tried them on I realized that a few were good MAC dupes. The downside to the cheap dupes is that there's only one finish and they wear off pretty easily. However, if you're simply looking for a color to try out before buying it at MAC for $13 more or you don't mind reapplication often these are definitely for you. I've also found the actual packaging of these lippies to be quite cheap but heyyyyy it's a dollar, what should I expect? I'm working on getting a new camera but for right now I have to deal with these cell phone camera pics! Enjoy!

MAC Cyber dupe ===> Nickia K. Amethyst #901

MAC Morange dupe ===> Nickia K. Apricot #106

MAC Rebel dupe ===> Nickia K. Black Orchid #302

If you're looking for a great cheap lipstick, these Nickia K's are probably the best I've ever used for only $1. Even though there isn't a long wear time, the pigmentation of them are great! Granted, some of them are hit or miss but I never feel upset because I didn't shell out much to begin with. What are your favorite cheap MAC dupes?


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