Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Inglot Experience

Hey loves!

So I went to NYC during my spring break and of course Inglot was on one of my must hit places. The website was up by the time I went but I figured it'd be better to be able to swatch the colors I wanted live instead of looking for them over the web. I also wanted to get some of these shadows before their price increase in May! Overall, I must say that my experience was "Eh...". (I'll explain). I went into Inglot expecting to get a 20 palette. I was NOT so much as greeted or welcomed by the MA's which was my first indicator that my customer service experience might be a little iffy. The thing is, I'm not one of those people that have to be spoon fed but it is nice to at least be acknowledged in store :-/ So I grabbed one of their little magnetic shopper things and went to work. Man, I was swatching this, swatching that having fun. At some point (I guess when they realized I was actually spending money) the MA's came over to ask if I needed assistance and if I did I got their opinions and then carried myself on my way. I came up with THEE most magnificent palette (roughly 10 neutrals and 10 brights) and I handed it to the MA. Now here comes the  DIZ-ASS-TAH...he TORE my palette APART! It went from my dream 20 palette to "We don't have this shade but we have... *points to some slightly similar shade I don't want*" until I was left with about 12 eyeshadows (3 of which I had substituted for). It no longer made any sense to get a 20 and I got a 10 palette but I wrote down the other shades I wanted so I could order them in the future. My question is this, WHY are the shades on display when they're not available for purchase?! I felt like they should have been seperated into an out of stock table or something because it truly is disheartening to go through so much only to be told an hour later that basically you wasted your time. Overall, the store has a great feel and ambiance but the MA's will only help with the least (and that's when ASKED). So, I ended up getting a 10 palette and a slim lipstick (review for this soon) I also love the feel and shape/design of the palette but I am at a lost as to why Inglot uses a number system. I feel like the difficulty to remember the #'s is an extreme disadvantage but whatever I guess. Here's the palette I made with swatches


TR: AMC 64, Pearl 453, DS 463, Matte 366, DS 494
BR: AMC 63, Matte 348, Matte 390, AMC 51, AMC 60

As you can see, the color payoff is AMAZING and really make no difference on top of base (NYX milk) These shadows (so far) blend easily and are beautiful! My camera really didn't catch the full essence of the fine glitters that are contained in the shadows, but they are very much visible in person and enhance them even more! I'm hoping to make another palette or two....or three lol before the price increase. Have you been to an Inglot yet? How was your experience? This Inglot can be found on 1592 Broadway New York, NY in case you're in the area and like to check it out!


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