Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sick Days...

So, I haven't posted for a while because I was in the hospital for surgery and then I relaxed for about a week until I felt better. Of course I've been laying around looking like crap but luckily I'm almost back to feeling like self. ANDDDD I wanna to post something... sooooooo here's some random OLD things that I meant/considered posting but didn't lol

This was my Mardi Gras look! Can't really tell by this crappy camera but there's about 6 different eyeshadows. I so wish my brows looked like this everyday! Lol, a girl can dream...

 I posted this picture mainly for the curls. I loved them! I used a pack of the hard Annie spiral rods that you can find at your local BSS. This was my first time using them, awesome experience. The curls were done on wet hair, no products and slept on overnight. They were tighter but I pulled them apart. 

This is my current icon. I felt like wearing lotttttts of makeup (as usual lol) but I wanted a very sweet paradise-y look. Got this!

If you'd like to know a specific product or something just ask :)


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  1. You blog is awesome, and so is the makeup!
    are you a makeup artist? if not you should be girl! hah

    check out my blog too!

    im obvs following now, you should too :D


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