Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Half Wiggin' It: Outre Amber


So I ordered some new hair and I absolutely could not standdddd to keep my previous hair in so I needed something quick and cheap to hold me over. I had brought this wig before my install so it was perfect. I believe I paid 24.99 for it at my local beauty supply.

I don't usually wear my curly weaves long but she is gorgeous!!! I did chop about an inch or two off of the ends but the length still doesn't bother me. This has such a pretty curl pattern and I like curly weaves (synthethic) because they tend to have a longer life span than straight ones. It's easy to maintain with water and I use my Remington curling wand to curl my leave out. The wig is synthetic so it will burn baby, burn! Lol All in all this is a nice buy and I'll definitely be buying her in the future. S/N: I am totally on my "vamp" lips for fall! I've been wearing dark lips almost everyday! Lovessss them! What do you loves think?



  1. Well, I think the Lipstick is gorgeous! What's it called?

  2. I think I get the 'Rihanna' one in this brand...I think tho...I need to check out 'Amber' now...It looks good.

    xo SARMIN


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