Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOTD: Heavy liner, Bold Lips


So today's fotd is brought to you with NEWS! YES! Exciting. It's very simple, minimal makeup but still makes a statement with the heavy liner and lips. The look...

S/N: Aren't these earrings lovely?! I purchased several "Basketball Wives" earrings and these are my absolute favorite! And oh how they shineeee :)

I used WnW H2o liquid liner in Ultra Black to achieve the winged eye and I;m wearing #3 lashes...MAC Nightmoth l/l, Violetta l/s and Fab Frenzy superglass for the lip =)

So where'd I actually go in this look? I went to fill out my new hire paperwork for.... can you guess where?! (sssshhhh..I still don't want to jinx it! lol) I'm very much excited as I'd been attempting to get in with this company for a while and after so many interviews you begin to wonder if it's every really going to happen...and it did FINALLY! I have a few other BIG things coming up that I'm excited for. I also have some makeup posts that I was saving for this moment and they feature an interesting spin on interview appropriate makeup so stay tuned for that =) Also, I finally picked up a halloween costume (sexy in fashion, of course lol) and I'm thinking of some makeup ideas to later do a post and COTD (Costume of the Day lol!) . Are you loves getting dressed up and if so, what as? 



  1. With the amount of talent you have, I am gonna say MAC...You fit right in there! One of favorite looks of yours. I am a eyeliner whore, bottom lashes are always with heavy black liner. I need to practice my wing tho, I so suck at that. & love the Basketball Wives earrings, picked up a few in NYC, wish I gotten more. Where are these from?

    xo SARMIN

  2. Winged liner is hard! I always have to clean it up with concealer! These are XoXo hoops off from and I took some of the spacers off a cheapie pair I brought at my BSS and placed them every other to make em a lil different =) Xo

  3. Pretty! You make me want to wear my violetta! And I never tried cleaning up the eyeliner with concealer. I will try that!

  4. Thanks! & I love violetta its so pretty! Try the concealer it'll make a world of difference in correcting your liner! Xo


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