Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween 2011: Flower Child


So this is another halloween post. Once again, everything used was eyeshadows and they were all from the 120 palette. A black pencil liner was used to outline. This look is great for someone who wants to attempt to try their hand at a makeup face mask :)

Lol, you know this is throwback because I had blonde-y hair you guys! haha. I really think the red lip and lashes are what help sets this look off.  This look is great for a fun look for halloween and I personally think its also cute for a hippie/70's costume of some sort....Hope you loves enjoy! 



  1. This is GORGEOUS!!! I have a question! Did you use an airbrushing machine or did you do this with pencils and brushes... I would love to do a look like this, but I don't machine.

    Just thought I'd ask, its beautiful either way! You are extremely talented!!! :o) #inspiration!!!

  2. I agree with Donna, super talented!
    This is perfect for flower child/hippie look.

    xo SARMIN


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