Sunday, August 28, 2011

Make It Rain FOTD!

After the hurricane passed and it finally seemed safe to leave out I was inspired to wear some blues. Mostly the sky was angry gray tho :( For this look I used my neutral Inglot palette and Wet n Wild's Greed palette (love!) It was so weird having hurricane warnings around here as I'm really not used to it and luckily it did not hit as hard as expected and all the people I know in and around the area were safe. Now, onto the makeup...

It took great restraint for me not to put on lashes with this look but I found my favorite mascara and was pleasantly pleased :)

Face => MAC Studio Tech foundation in NW45,  Brow pencil in Stud, Studio Sculpt and Studio Finish concealers in NW45, Golden Lariat MSF (LE) : Brown part to set foundation and shimmery for highlight, La Femme blush in Sienna, Blunt blush for contour
Eyes => Inglot #348 with the shimmer gray from greed palette on top, Inglot #372 above crease and inner corner on lower lash line, Inglot #428 in crease and outer lower lashline, highlight is neutral color from greed palette, white kohl on waterline,  Pulse Perfection mascara
Lips => Cork l/l, Gaga 2 lipstick, Instant gold lustreglass

Every time I do a fotd is irks me that I don't have a better camera to take these photos!! It makes it hard for me to update because I hate taking camera phone photos! Grrrr. That is highly up on my to do list. Do you loves have any (affordable) cameras that you recommend for a beauty blogger? Oh, and I got a chance to try out my 226 brush and its love! I know its different from the original but it works so great for blending and placing color in my tiny lil ol eye space. Anywhos, I hope everyone is safe and sound and those of yall with that good good weather had a great weekend! School starts tomorrow and I can't believe summer is over! Wow! :( Lol



  1. Your makeup is amazing! I wish I could pull that off!

  2. Girl you got talent you should totally do youtube tutorials.

  3. Beautiful! I so LOVE blue. And the title of this post made me start singing "make it rain" lyrics... Lol!

  4. Thanks ladies! And idk, maybe one day @ChicagoBarbie :)

    @lovelife I was sanging it too after I had wrote the title! Lol, too catchy!

  5. This is gorgeousss! I love bold eyes and nude lips. I need to get an inglot palette nowww! And yea the news scared me so bad about the hurricane esp with all of the tornado warnings in my area!

  6. @Tierra Thank you!!! It look me FOREVER to like nude lips but now I can't stop wearing them! If you happen to be in NY go to the Inglot store! It was like mini heaven! I swatched myself to death lol xo

  7. I havent been to ny in yearsss lol. I think I am just going to try to order off of the website


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