Thursday, September 1, 2011

Runaway Lips!

I told yall about how I bought MAC's Runaway Red in my haul post and here it is in full action. I definitely noticed that what may tone this lippie down is that it has such strong fuschia base. I applied by outlining with a lip brush and before filling in with the lipstick it definitely looked like I was wearing a pink. Anywho's its a satin finish (one of my least favorite finishes) but in my opinion it applies better and with a way more moisturized feel than the typical satins.

As I said before, its not an all in yo face type red which makes it everyday wearable. It may still be too bright for some but I'm used to bold lips so this was like elementary for me lol

I believe this lippie wore for roughly 4 hours. It has a natural shine to it, but I topped it with Revealing l/g for a glossier finish. I like it. Very wearable for a range of skin tones. What's your favorite red lip?



  1. After your last post, I went on the MAC site, this lipstick was sold out...& now seeing the pictures of you wearing it, I want it more then ever now. I don't have red lippy in my collection, & as you said its for all skin tones, I think you said that in the last post, I want this. I need to go MAC. The color looks gorgeous on you!

    & thank you!

    xo SARMIN

  2. Beautiful. I have this, I just haven't tapped into it yet! I need to get Revealing! I really like this one, and I don't mind the satin finish so much, but I am a luster girl at heart!

    Right now my favorite Red lipstick is Red from MAC. I love it... It makes my lips look awesome, lol. I might wear it tomorrow!

  3. Wow it looks stunning on you.. i think i might have to go check it out..Love the total look..

  4. @Sarmin I picked this up @ my local MAC counter and they had plenty in stock so try checking that out! && Thanks =)

    @Geriee + Cocoa Thank you!!!

    @lovelife Believe it or not I've never tried MAC Red, but I love Revealing! It's a pinky color and I swear I can wear it on top of anything its so versatile, and its not sticky! I definitely recommend it. Lol, I'm Amplified girl hands down! Can't wait to see you in Runaway Red. Xo

  5. wow that lip color is FIRE it looks GORGEOUS on you.

  6. Love your make-up here!


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