Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lipstick Lovin' :: Inglot Slim Gel #65


I love Inglot. I love the color of this lippie, and that's about it. 

I bought this a while ago when I was visiting NY. I fell in LOVE with the color, as a true purple-y lilac-y shade is very hard to come across.

PROS: Beautiful color, applies well, slightly buidable, feels smooth and moisturizing on lips

CONS: Such a smooth lipstick that it feels like it'll melt on a hot day (or in your purse) or easily break if pressed even slightly hard. I kept mine in the fridge all summer. The biggest issue is that it is not long lasting at ALL. I constantly found myself applying then reapplying not too long after. The subsequent issue to that is that this is as it is called a SLIM STICK so with all the reapplications that it takes it eats up so much of the lippie in such a short amount of time it definitely left me wondering if it was worth the $12 price tag. And I don't like to worry about my lipsticks running out after a few uses ya know?!

With that being said, I later got my hands on MAC's Go For It (LE) but for what would've been an extra $2 or so you're getting basically the same color with a lot more staying power. How'd I rate? *drumrolls* 

Mostly because I'm out here on a budget tryna get my $$$ worth! Yadaaaamean???! As much as I love the color I cannot justify this as a $12 plus 8.25% tax percentage purchase! lol Tried any Inglot lipsticks? What was your experience?



  1. I love this color on you! Ive never tried this brand but thanks for the review! I'll def. stick to my MAC lipsticks... I hate reapplying my lipstick often.

    Practically Coffee

  2. Thanks!! Not all Inglot lippies are slim sticks! I may try some others for the experience. Xo


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