Friday, September 30, 2011

Love the Lash: MAC #3

Hey loves,

So yet another one of my sudden disappearances is contributed to a hospital stay :( But now that I'm home and chained to the bed for a week or so the only thing on my agenda is to catch up with school work so I thought I'd do a post. If you've been following me for a while you'd know that my favoriteeeeee lashes ever are MAC #2 but I'd had an extreme issue finding them at local stores and counters so I decided to try #3. They look very similar to #2 except they're shorter and more natural looking (as natural as fake lashes go lol). I'm still loyal to my #2's, but mainly because as long as these are, I prefer longer!  I thought I'd post because these are a solid replacement and may better equip those don't like the "drag queen lash". I've been using a different adhesive for a while so I'll also post on that later this week. Here's the lash...

Very pretty! I love that false lashes provide fullness and shape to any look and besides my eyebrow pencils and lipsticks would have to be my favorite item! Lashes aren't necessarily essentials but are pretty darn nice to have! Tell me your favorite lash in the comments if you have one! Hope you've all been well and stay tuned for some more posts this week!



  1. Hope you feel better and those lashes are nice. They're more my speed. I haven't mastered lashes yet, but I'll keep trying!

  2. These eyelashes are gorgeous! I suck at putting on lashes! lol
    I`m glad your feeling better!
    I gave you a Liebster Blog Award! Check it out! =)

    Practically Coffee

  3. Aw get better! Those lashes look greattt


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