Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 Month Natural Hair, Contaminated Brushes & Other Things =)

Heyyyyyy loves!!

Glad to be back with some new updates. Slightly lengthly post since I'm particularly excited about 3 things:

1. My 10 month hair: I big chopped June 9, 2010 after no transitioning. I wear weave for the most part but its so refreshing to see my hair growing back in its natural texture after being relaxed for so long. I'm going back to weave this week as a protective style until my one year anniversary =) It's really an accomplishment for me because I had SOOOOO many failed attempts at being natural. Here's my hair currently below:

Yay for growth!! Lol, I'll do a before/after for my one year! 

Yeah my Christmas streamers are still up! I decided they were yearly festive Hehehe

Eyes => I used colors from my new Inglot palette. I will upload photos of the new palette soon along with swatches. Unfortunately I found the yellow EXTREMELY difficult to work with. I'll try working with it again and update. Falsies Mascara, NYX Milk pencil on waterline.
Lips => MAC Cork l/l, Pink Friday lipstick (LE) and Ample Pink plushglass
Face => Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Cappuccino, MAC MSF Natural in Dark, Blunt blush to contour, MAC Fix+ Rose annnnnnd here's where the CONTAMINATED brush comes into play! I had just washed my brushes but I guess I forgot the blush brush I used. The original blush for this look was NYX Pinky. I realized that the brush had a darker color after the first cheek but out of sheer laziness I just had decided to go with it by then. So yeah the cheeks are a LOT less muted then I was going for. Lol, has this ever happened to you?

2. Candy Yum-Yum lipstick: So yall know I was initially interested because of the cute name right?! But I saw the color and I was able to snag one of these online and good thing I did because I heard it went out of stock a few hours later! I'm still interested in swatching Playing Koi and Playtime but I'll have to wait til I go downtown for that. My Yum-Yum comes tomorrow (I'm a serial package tracker) and I'm quite excited about this pink because although I have a lot of pink lipsticks I don't have a matte one in this particular shade. Definitely expect a look from it. I can't wait to wear it on a nice spring day!

3. New kitten!!! Most of my friends know me as the "cat lady"'. I have an obsession with cats that parallels my makeup and I've wanted a Siamese cat since forever! My mom brought one without telling me so I talked my mom into letting me "watch" the cat she brought (until I can fully convince her to let me have him) She's black but comes across brown on my camera. She sleeps on my chest and her purrs are the sweetest thing! She's such an affectionate and playful kitten :)

Lol, she's resting on my hip in this pic. So cute! Her eyes are extremely sensitive to the flash so I'm hoping to get a better pic in the daylight. I'm planning on naming her Onyx or Jinx. Which ones to you loves like?



  1. Beautiful! Love the hair and makeup.

  2. love your natural hair! #TeamNatural ;)

  3. Thank you. Your blog is fab! Now subbing =)


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