Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Two Cents: The Royal Wedding

And a Royal affair it was. Yes I fed into the hype and I stayed up (4am my time) to catch some of this footage on tv. I was mostly excited about the fashion because of the speculation going around about Kate's dress. I was expecting Kate to wear an extremely modern dress so I most definitely wasn't expecting this...

At first I was disappointed, but honestly after seeing the way she carried herself in it I couldn't be mad. She was an absolutely gorgeous bride and the dress was a very classy choice and complimented her body extremely well although it (IMO) was a safe choice. I especially enjoyed the tiara that she wore that was borrowed from the Queen. It don't get anymore pimpin than that. She eluded confidence and I thought it said a lot about her character for her to allow her sis to wear a white dress also on HER big day :) Of course one of my favorites out of the guests was...

Ma girl Victoria! She can do no wrong for me. Ever. She's preggers and still stuntin in her Loubs. Her hubby looks yummy as always :) The hat fashion in London is CRAZY! I love it, everyone really shows out. The only thing I found odd was the first public kiss. Lol, was it me or did that qualify more as a peck or smooch than a kiss (Yall know, a KISS) hehe. It still was so cute that Prince William blushed after and how wild the crowd went! I thought Prince William looked quite debonair and I loved how free spirited Prince Harry seems as he was giggling and very playful throughout the whole ceremony. I do wish William and Kate have a long and happy marriage as they seem to be very much in love and they are too cute for each other. Oh, and I LOVE the style of the men's tuxs and also the regal look of the uniform *drools* Well, I hear everyone loves a man in uniform! ;) Did you watch the wedding/what did you think?


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