Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FOTN: Disco Diva

So my sister had her housewarming this weekend and I totally forgot that I had snapped some pics before I went so that means you loves get two blog posts in two days! (YAYYYY!). It was a great event, she received soooo many gifts and it was nice to see so many of her high school girlfriends come out to support her. I consider this a major accomplishment at only 23 and I'm quite proud of her defeating stereotypes of young Black mothers! Anywhos, I received samples of MAC 3D Gold and Silver (a sista's dream come TRUE! Yall know I lovesssss tha GLITTA! :) I decided to wear a pretty flashy look (because I'm a pretty "flashy" chick lol) since I wasn't sure if I'd want to do something later on in the evening.  I wish I could've snapped a pic of my shoes too! Maybe next time :) There's about a million tutorials for this eye so I won't go into detail unless asked. I felt at home in this gaudy ass makeup, I think I'm really a drag queen at heart yall! hehe

And now for the slightly awkward face to show how awesome this glitta sparkles....

All in all I had a great time. My sister made some type of punch out of SoCo that had people tore off their asses lol. In case anyone's wondering I am wearing MAC Gaga II lipstick + Chestnut liner on my lips and La Femme blush in Russet (HEAVY! Yall know how I do!). I adhered the glitter using a NYX jumbo pencil in silver. Also, my eyebrows are darker as I added a bit of black shadow. Everything in this look can be duplicated with a cheaper product :) I myself think this is a great look for going out to a club or party or just going on a date the prowl (grrrr! lol) Now, I cannot wait til I fool around with 3d gold! Me & glitta have this love affair... <3



  1. Loving the creativeness on the make-up.


  2. OMG, your funny! I love gillter too, wish I was just better with makeup. That's super cool about your sister!!! I like the 2nd pic! & whatever your wearing, the black top, makes the boobs look great! (I am all about boobs, since I don't have a booty)

    xo $ARMIN

  3. @Abigail & @BleedPink thanks loves!

    @Armin OMG yes I have no booty either so I hafta do the best with what I got! hehe the top is a velvet bustier that I got from Forever 21. There is a possibility that it was intended to be lingerie though Lol *shrugs*


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