Thursday, April 28, 2011

Downtown Haulin'

So, I had traffic court yesterday so since I was forced to be downtown I just decided to browse around and later I met up with some friends. Unfortunately, I got caught in a massive spontaneous rain storm (because that's what happens on the days you don't carry an umbrella lol) I made a few stops: the dollar store, H&M, Muslim shop (seperate post), besides the random places I went into. H&M didn't really have anything appealing and I've been beginning to think that SOME of the prices are bit far-fetched for the quality of the material they're made with. There's no reason why a spring jacket should be $60+ (IMO). I wanted to go to the dollar store because remember I kept telling yall about them $1 glitter liners I use? I wanted to stop in and see if they had more and behold.... I have FOUR new colors plus the gold, silver and blue liners I bought previously. That's pretty kickass.

Out of items worth mentioning, I also grabbed a Goody denman brush (I've never used any type) that I got for $1.99 ANDDDD it was the last one! The earrings were both $1.99 apiece and the travel size mirror was 50 cents. I considered getting a few since I switch up bags so much.

I got the glitter lines in 11 green glitter, pink (no sticker on bottom), 07 gray (although it looks black?) and 09 pearl mint :) They can definitely be layered and played with and the flash makes them look a lot less opaque than they really are. Not sure where else they're sold but the maker is B.S.N and they're waterproof. They're just bright and awesome. Oh and did I mention they have glitta in em? Lol

I also stopped in Borders since they're going out of sale they have all their books marked 40% off and up. I figured since the semester is ending soon it couldn't hurt to have some reading. I browsed the store for about an hour and a half (yes, I'm one of those) before finding 3 books. I only got two, The Calligrapher's Daughter which is a historical fiction and the Murderer's Daughters (simply a coincidence that they both have daughter in the title). I found both books browsing then looked up some reviews which turned out to be great for random book choosing. I'm not sure what initially attracts me to books but I always seem to find great reads without initial recommendations. And that was my day (besides immense studying). What are your favorite dollar store finds?



  1. 1 Dollar for those glitter liners!! They look like darn good quality! Jheez! Wow, you can get some really cheap stuff in america, unlike here :( xx

  2. I'm the same way when I get in Borders...I freakin love that place and I could be in there for hours lol

  3. I am really thinking I need to pick up some glitter liners!

  4. @Naomi Yes, some of the deals here are insane! I'm always looking for cheap! lol

    @Danielle I love Borders! Idk what I'll do now that the closest one to me is going out of business!

    @BleedPink Glitter Liners are my must haves! If I can't think of anything they always help to make the simplest of looks pop!


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