Friday, April 22, 2011

Quickie: Protective Weave Styling with Sensationnel Bump

So somehow I always have weave lying around that I bought and forgot to use, etc. I found this Sensationnel bump hair in my closet so I decided to do a quick weave with it since I'm still being too lazy to do a sew-in.

The bump collection comes in different forms but this particular box is "Feather 7". 

I love these because they're CHEAP, but don't look it, the hair wears pretty well, can be styled in various ways anddddd they come with a free closure which saves me a great amount of time. I was originally going to do a style similar to the box but I decided to go a little shorter just to change up for a bit. This hair comes feathered (as long as its layered right). I layered it to be feathered but I later flat ironed some of the feathers out to get my desired style. My products consisted of the weave (ONE pack, yes ONE lol), cap, scissors, sanex paper, hair glue, comb and my trusty razor for styling. I ended up cutting off about 3 inches of the hair rotating between my scissors and razor for sharp edges and getting rid of some bulk. Also, as mentioned I later flat ironed some of the front to have the hair frame my face a bit. 

The photo on the left isn't the best but I was in a hurry and it best shows the cut. The back is still mostly feathered and shorter than the front ends in a SLIGHT angled bob. My hair is braided underneath and I am able to remove this cap fully at my leisure. No hair was affected by glue during this process =) 

What's on my face?
Face => La Femme blush in Sienna, trusty dollar store liner in inner corner, WnW H20 liner in ultra black, Maybelline Falsies mascara
Lips => MAC lipliner in Cork, Brave New Bronze lipstick, Stealing kisses lipglass (Tartan Tale Set)
Eyes => Random gray shadow in crease and highlight

This style probably took me an hour to do with style which is rather quick for me! Lol hence "quick weave" hehe. I was very pleased with the outcome because I've gotten so used to wearing 18-inch weave I wasn't sure how I'd adjust to a shorter style. I usually would've added a few pieces for color but I liked it with just black once I was finished. I like doing these styles because I can still easily moisturize my natural hair underneath. I'll more than likely keep this in until sometime next week. What's one of your favorite "quickie" hairstyles?



  1. Cuteness!

    My friend got me hooked on "quick weaves" I effin' love them!

    xo $ARMIN

  2. @Tierra thx mamas :)

    @Armin Yes, they are the best! Definitely a go-to when I wanna quickly change up my look. Xo


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