Monday, May 2, 2011

Why I'm Never Tweezing My Eyebrows Again

So, I typically tweeze my own brows because I hate paying $5-10 for something I can do myself in a short amount of time. My tweeze time consisted of me, a mirror and my tools and some tissue to catch the watering eyes from the plucks. Never again.Now call me crazy because I've known about this item before and NEVER used it. Mainly because I knew this girl who used to use one for her brows and they used to look scary lol. BUT NOW I AM A BELIEVER! I'm almost mad I didn't try it sooner or have someone convince me too. Lol, yall gon think I'm simple for this one but BEHOLD...

The Eyebrow Savor Razor

Yeah one of those little color sticks that I walk past every time I'm in my BSS and I am KICKING myself for not trying this before, because I literally cleaned up my eyebrows in under 3 minutes. Really. Painfree, quick it doesn't get any better than that for me. It's so easy that even if your hair grows back quickly you won't mind touching them up at your leisure. I would recommend to be very careful with them those because one wrong swipe will have ya ass with no => sparse brows! Lol Have any of you ever tried this before? If not I'm telling you to! Don't sleep on thisssss!!! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for lost/misshapen brows due to incorrect usage) I've honestly never given myself such a clean close arch...and for the cheap price of $1.29 (and that was at my "expensive" BSS). Fuck you tweezers, I found a new jawn. 


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