Friday, May 6, 2011

FOTD: Athena's Kiss

Finally got around to wearing  the supa dupa lipgloss I brought from Wonder Woman collection. I'm actually a big fan of the huge doe foot applicator as I have bigger lips and I can coat them with just one dip with the bigger applicator. Oh, and I finally got a new camera. I'm still playing around with the settings and what not so be patient with me! And if my eyebrows look weird its because I couldn't find my brown brow pencil so I used a black eye pencil o_0. Yeahhhhh.... I was in a rush lol 

Lipglass in Athena's Kiss

I lined my lips with MAC Vino liner, then filled in with Athena's Kiss. To be fair this picture doesn't do the gloss/definition too much justice so I have yet another crappy cell phone pic! yay! lol....hopefully this shows the color better :)

So I'm all types of late with this. It literally sat on my dresser since I bought it. I was wondering if I missed out on anything in the WW collection. I lurve Athena's Kiss. Pretty color, great wear, goes on easily. I really couldn't ask for more out of a MAC lipglass. If you bought anything, you may have gotten quite some usage out of it by now. In your opinion, what were must haves?



  1. This is an amazing color, I've only worn mine once. I would love to know more about your piercings!

  2. It really is a great color! The piercings you can see are all surface piercings and I recently took out my nose piercing. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask, maybe I'll do a post on them one day :)


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