Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Small Haul: Milani Baked Blush and NYX lipstick (Swatches)

Last week I went past Walgreens and I picked a few things up. I was highly upset that I missed the Shea Moisture buy one get one a few weeks before but I still picked up a container of the curl enhancing smoothie (review once I use it). My Walgreen also had Milani FULLY in stock and also WnW lipsticks and polishes were 69 cent. Unfortunately 69 cent must attract too many people because the WnW selection was not large so I only picked up two. I decided to finally grab a Milani baked blush to see what the hype was about and I ended up not being able to choose so I got two. 

The first color is 521A and the second is 549A
As you can see they both have great color payoff. The pink is very pretty and I feel that it is very similar to Show Orchid by MAC. The brown would probably make a great nude. I can't think of any dupes off the top of my head. These lipsticks are nice but they definitely don't wear as long as most but for 69 cents I can't complain. 

I loved the casing that the Milani Baked blushes came in and I was even more delighted to get home and discover that there was a mirror and a small brush underneath. I picked up blushes in Red Vino and Corallina. I believe they were around $7-8 apiece.  

All I can say is, these blushes swatch LOVELY. Milani products are worth all the hype they receive. I used Red Vino the other day and it literally takes almost no product to give your face a great colorful glow. I have not worn Corallina but it is a BEW-ti-FUL peachy shimmer shade and I think it'd go great with a lot of spring/summer make up looks. I don't even like shimmer in my blushes and I'm loving em. These are looking like WOC must-haves...idk...Milani is the best thing happening at drug stores for me rightna. GEEEESH, now I want more!

Also, I went into a local DOLLAR store and I found this quite amusing. Shit is real out here. lol.
What are you Milani recommendations?



  1. I just picked up two Wet and Wild lipsticks from CVS today as well. They had a sale buy one and get 1 50% off. I got a pink (511B) and a neutral (5478). They both are very pretty and I was pleasantly surprised because how cheap they are. The one's you picked look pretty as well.

  2. nice haul, i love wet n wild and i absolutely love those milani baked blushes. corallina is my fave! thanks for following my blog! ;)

  3. @SingleMother thank you! My Walgreens didn't have much of a selection and I ended up not being to crazy about the ones I picked up. I passed them onto my sister.

    @LJ Thank you, no problem I really enjoy your blog, the Spurs look really was lovely. Corallina looks great, I can't wait to use it! Xo


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