Saturday, May 7, 2011

FOTD: Russian Red and Go!

So, I typically don't do wash and goes because I don't really care for them between certain lengths of hair, so I haven't done one since about August 2010 since I first BC'd. However, I was in a rush trying to make a final then an appointment after so I didn't want to look a total wreck so I decided it couldn't hurt to try. In the end I was EXTREMELY pleased with the way it turned out! Like really. It was about that time for me to shampoo so I shampoo'd using Herbal Essences Color Me Happy 2 in 1 (started using because I found it at my Rite-Aid for $1.12 YES and now I LOVE it) then I conditioned with Tresemme Naturals conditioner. I typically let my conditioner sit in for about 5 minutes or however long it takes to wash my face whichever is the longest. I shake shake shake then lightly towel dry. I used a oil/leave in mixture before using Cantu Shea Butter leave-in conditioning cream. I then put whatever headband I plan to use on (this day I wore a shoe lace, don't judge me) and use Eco styler gel to lay down my front and a toothbrush to brush it into a nice shape. I then took some gel (not a whole bunch) and put it on the tips of my hair. I then used the tips of my fingers to rake the product on my tips. Since I didn't want to walk around with wet hair I used my blow dryer on a cool setting to get it mostly dry before leaving out. Results:

I'm definitely more likely to wear wash and go's on a more regular basis now, especially since it's warmer and I loved the results. My hair did not feel crunchy at all and was extremely soft and defined. I felt like I could have stretched it for a few days but  later the next day I did another weave (post coming soon)

Face => MSF natural in Dark, Blunt for contour, La Femme blush in Red (higher on my cheekbones) and Sienna (on the apples)
Eyes => Black glitter liner (from my $1 store haul!),  Maybelline Falsies mascara
Lips => MAC lipliner in Brick, Russian Red lipstick, Clear lip gelee
*sidenote: All clothing and accessory items seen in pictures came from H&M.*

In case you need any particular reason to absolutely LURVE Russian Red like I do, #1 *drumrolls* Your teeth will never look WHITER! Everyone knows about the blue based trick! It's real! lol I tend not to wear anything on my eyes when wearing a bright lip but like I said before, you can never go wrong with a glitter liner! Overall, it was a lovely day and I received several compliments on both my hair & lipstick. What is a staple product for your wash n gos?



  1. Your not getting a lot of comments because it shows up just white at the bottom lol Just wanted to let you know your extrememly talented and would love to see you on youtube!

  2. I'm not sure of what you mean because I've checked the page and I see the whole post, so idk :( But thank you for checking me out and leaving such wonderful comments! Xo

  3. Your wash and go is so beautiful and so are you eyebrows! I also love Russian Red on you, I may have to try it for myself!

  4. Thanks Tierra! Russian Red is great, especially for a bold lip! Now I'm looking for a "tamer" red, so I've been considering Dubonnet :)


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