Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Weave for my Budget Divas and Sad Goodbyes

I'll begin with the good...So I decided to put another quick weave in my hair and I was really pleased with the results. This time I used Say Me Deep Wave, which came in 1 pack with four different lengths of 8, 10,12, and 14 inches. This is great for those beginner weavers who aren't really good with layering hair (although it isn't 100%. I still believe in shaping the weave for your face. I used a hair razor for mine) :) The only difference between this style is that I did leave a bit of my hair out at the top. I used a heat protectant and flat irons to tame it. My hair does tend to get a little fuzzy but that's okay with this hair since it's curly anyway. I never flat iron more than once or twice a week, so I make sure to wear a scarf whenever I'm laying down. This hair is verrrry curly, but I prefer a fuller look so I use my denman (finally, its good for something! lol) to brush out the curls.

I'm not sure if yall can see the price, but this weave was $17.99. AND you only need ONE pack. ONE pack. YASSSS a whole hairstyle for under $20!!! I live. And the results...

So far, this feels like great hair. I've used the Say Me brand straight hair before and HATED it, but I'd definitely cop some more of this! Curly hair is so great for natural girls to wear especially because it never looks too bad if your hair gets bushy or wet, etc. I was going out so that's whats up with the full face of makeup :)

I can't tell you exactly what I put on my eyes yall. I got disheveled later in the evening (keep reading to learn why) although I know it was all Inglot eyeshadows. Also on my eyes is MAC 3d gold in the outer corner (VERY much amazing in person but not too noticeable in the picture) La Femme blush in Russet and MAC lipliner in Chestnut and Stealing Kisses lipglass (Tartan Tale LE), blunt blush for contour. For my face, I used the sample of MAC's pro longwear foundation that I got from MAC. I'm on the fence about it, it looks AMAZING in person but it photographed weird on my digital camera and the wear after leaving the club left a lot to considered. I may use it again to come to a full consensus. And now to the not so good. Out of all the unbelievable things that happen to me I'm never really surprised at the oddities that occur in my life anymore. This weekend's fuckery consisted of....

Yes folks. That is was my beloved Evo. Unfortunately the one you see above was my 5th one due to manufacturing and personal breaks. Anyone who has a evo knows how difficult it is to crack this screen. This phone can handle multiple drops, throws, whatever. So what does it take for mass destruction of my screen?Crazily enough my evo was ran over by a car. A CAR. Of course I was heartbroken. So RIP Evo #5. Insurance has constantly been a godsend for me. Apparently the 3rd nor 5th time was the charm so lets all cross fingers for the 6th (because I'm probably out of claims anyway lol)! But to end on a lighter note...

Luna always sits in front of my computer when I'm watching shows or doing something interesting. Look what caught her eye this time. Hehehe. In other news, has anyone been keeping up with CSI (the Las Vegas one)?? Man, this season has kept me so intrigued with the Laurence Fishburne and Haskell drama! Sheesh! 



  1. I can remember when I broke my I-Phone screen, I literally saw the world stop...LOL!!

    I love the hair and makup, very jealous, because I have no talent when it comes to doing my own hair.

  2. Isn't that crazy how much you can realize you're attached to a PHONE?! Lol I swear I felt the same way! & thx, the hair thing is mostly trial and error too, I mess up ALL the time!

    Btw; I need to stop going to your blog because your delicious food pics always makes me so hungry. I also saw your contest so I'm going to email you now! Xo

  3. Awwww! You have a black kitty! I do too! And she does the same thing. When ever I try to look at something on the computer she has to be up in the mix.


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